JanssEngine - Engine Features - Available for download soon
  • Hash Case-Insensitive String - String hashing for quick evaluations
  • Timing Management - Hierarchical Clocks and code section profiling
  • Generic Range-Mapping and Filter Functions - Used to simulate physics or many other things
  • Curves and Splines - Bezier, Hermite, Cardinal splines with welding
  • Event Management System - Fire and register event callbacks
  • Randomness (true) - Overcome issues and limitations with STD::rand
  • Threaded Loading - Load/Queue large chunks of data in the background without stalling the main thread
  • Named Properties Assign a string to any generic value
  • Data Driven Design Game Object Loader - Use XML and named properties to create a classless and scale-able system
  • DLL Plugin Loader -  Load/Reload DLL's on the fly without closing down the program
  • String Pool - Intensive memory management and manipulation of strings
  • Intrusive Smart Pointer - Objects that manage themselves based on type
  • LUA Engine Integration - Compile and Run Scripts in LUA with native code access
  • Computational Geometry - Collision Detection of many types
  • Memory Manager - Set size data management and error handling
  • Minimum Bounding Sphere - Given all vertices, find a sphere that will be the smallest possible sphere still covering all cases
  • Streaming - Packing data into a contiguous block, saving it, then reading it back in
  • Concurrency - Producer/Consumer compared on 4 and16 core machines using both mutex and critical sections
  • Fixed Point - Floating point operations on an Integer structure
  • JanScript (spec) - Made my own scripting language with native code access
  • LoD Terrain - Terrain loaded from BT (binary terrain) files.
  • Dj3d (spec) - 3dsMax exporting my own format to read into my engine (with animations and skinning)
  • Dual Renderer interface - swap between OpenGL and Direct X
  • Vector Classes
  • Matrix
  • SceneGraph Matrix Management for Scenes
  • XML Parsing
  • Collada Model Loading
  • Bill boarding -  World or Axis Aligned
  • Binary Space Partition - (BSP) with collision detection, frustum culling, and potentially visible sets
  • Texture Management - Create and delete textures

Features in progress
  • Scene Management
  • Console window with custom commands and reports
  • Material Editor Interface
  • Input Management using the Event Management System
  • Cryptography -  Save data in a format that users can't easily modify.