Major Game Projects


Unannounced UE4 Project
- nothing to see here

Fallout 76
Senior Game Programmer

Skyrim VR
Lead Programmer

Fallout 4 VR

Senior Game Programmer

Savage - Resurrection

Senior Game Programmer

Strife Teaser

Senior Game Programmer
Official Website
  • A 3rd person multi-user online battle arena game
  • Proprietary engine
  • Ground-up reduced toxicity design.



Lead Programmer
A Capstone Team Game Production
16 week development, 10 members
Official Website
  • A 3rd person multi-player shooter created using UDK
  • Wall walking on every level
  • Approachable to new players, includes player-catch up system Code-named Death Blossom
  • 8+ Multi-player 

Galactic Arms Race
2 person project on personal time
Official Website
  • A 3D RPG created in XNA
  • Developed for a thesis on Content Generation using Neuro-Evolution of Augmented Topologies (NEAT)
  • Best Paper Award CIG 2009
  • Best AI in an Independent Game (Editor's Choice)
  • Indie Game Challenge Finalist
    • Awarded Full Scholarship to SMU Guildhall
  • Steam Integration
    • Achievements
    • Player saved and loaded on the cloud
  • 32 person multiplayer
  • Released on Steam (currently in Closed Beta)


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Lead Programmer
Team Game Production
Summer Projecte
12 week development, 5 members
  • A 2D fast-paced puzzle shooter with RPG elements
  • Originally created in Torque X 2D
  • Converted to XNA and added level editor and particle engine

Puppies In Spaaace!
Team Game Production in UDK
Lead Programmer
8 week development, 8 members
  • A 3D first person shooter for all ages
  • Player plays as Puddles, a dog that can shoot tennis balls, bark, and piddle.
  • Play against the evil Calico Cat Galactica
  • 3 stage boss battle