Small Game Projects

More Game Jams that I have not updated here

Spoopy Game Jam - Fire Season
  • Doom and Gauntlet crossover

Project M - 3.0
  • Community project to make Brawl feel more like Melee with content updates and balance patches
  • Worked on Wii / Wii U Homebrew App
    • Launch and Update Project M
Comm Room
48 hour Game Jam. 4 members
  • First person multi-player communication puzzle game
  • Took a design role as the result of a social experiment

Today I...
48 hour Game Jam. 7 members
  • A First-person Open World Sim game made in Unity

Sinistar remake - Mr. Sinister

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3 Week development, 8 members
  • 2D fast-paced arcade game in openGL
  • Enemies piece together the boss while you try to stop them

Fire and Ice
48 hour Game Jam, 6 members
  • A 2D coop game done in Unity3D
  • Play as fire and ice phoenixes and circle yourself to destroy
  • Collision lowers tail length, encircling others grow tail length
  • Circle your downed partner to resurrect them

Johny Apple Siege
36 hour Game Jam, 11 members

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  • A 2D data driven tower defense done in XNA
  • Defend the core from the insect invasion

2 person AI class project
Download - Shift-WASD- Mouse
  • Developed in Java
  • Top-down 2D zombie shooter that learns over time to how you play
  • Employs Neuro Evolution to train agents to adapt in real time to player interactions
  • Simple AI demo with complete and progressing game-play